That which an age feels to be evil is usually an untimely afterecho of that which was formerly felt to be good - the atavism of an older ideal. - Nietzsche

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I'm Donna and welcome to my hideout. This is where I get to let my hair down (so to speak) and share my views and such on the whole this whole transgender thing.

I hail from New York and have been crossdressing to some extent since 1977 (I was born in 1964... do the math!) December 1997, I realized that my issues had little to do with crossdressing and everything to do with my (trans)gender identity. Since then, I've been trying figure all this out (again!)

I am finding that writing all of this stuff down to be a great catharsis. It is my sincere hope that all of this can be of some help to those going through the mental anguish associated with all of this. I wish that I had some knowledge that I was not alone when this first started becoming an issue for me oh so many years ago.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think!

Love and stuff,

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My story (everyone's got a story...) Updated 2/17/1999
All the gory details of my life (such as it has been) up until December 1997.
My diary (the saga continues...) Updated 5/2000
My life after December 1997. Periodic updates as to where I am with all of this stuff in my life.
My Codes Updated 4/22/1999
Who I am, summed up in some of the popular internet codes floating around.
Required Reading Updated 10/19/2006
Some stuff written my me, some by others and links to other assorted writings dealing with gender, sex and whatnot.
Gender Toys Updated 12/28/1999
A (growing) collection of online gender related thingies, including Kate Bornstein Gender Aptitude Test.
Pictures and the like Updated 3/15/1999

Body Sugaring Updated 8/10/1998
Lose that unwanted body hair.
Browse the bookshelf Updated 2/10/1999
A listing of books and other offline resources.
The Hot List Updated 12/10/2002
Link to other T* related pages and stuff
Rings and Things Updated 12/16/1999
Webrings and the like of which Donna's Hideout is a member.
Alt.Support.Intergendered Homepage Updated 12/10/2002
As the name states, the homepage for the Usenet newsgroup.
Alt.Fashion.Crossdressing Homepage Updated 5/14/1999
As the name states, the homepage for the Usenet newsgroup.
GIP Handouts Updated 10/29/1998
Links to the handouts I made for the GIP Gender Exploration Group.
Colophon Updated 12/17/1999
A bit about how this site is created and maintained.

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