Required Reading

Alright, so it's not really required, but you might want to read some (or all) of the following nonetheless.

Articles I've written:

Donna's Philosophy October 2006
Some of more prominent influences on why I believe what I do.

Being Genderqueer - What it means for me October 2006
I'm a male, married and I identify as Genderqueer. See just what that means for me as a person.

Cultural Intelligiblity and the Difficulty of Acceptance September 2006
Some thought as to why we find acceptance so difficult.

Self Acceptance – A How to (get started) Guide April 2006
Having commented that there is no ‘How To’ guide with regards to self acceptance, I’ve decided to change that.

The 'Culture' of Crossdressing October 1999
Someone asked for for an explaination the 'culture' of crossdressing and it's significance in modern societies. This was my reply.

On Being Yourself July 1999
About being yourself. Should be an east thing to do but some people seem to have a problem with the concept.

Stereotypes and the Disservice we do Ourselves June 1999
I reacently had reason to re-evaluate the effect stereotypes have had on how I view and relate to others.

Definitions Updated May 1999
We use a lot of different words to describe ourselves. Here's my take on what some of them mean.

Confusing Cause and Effect March 1999
So we know that we're transgendered, but what does that mean? Is it something natural, or symptomatic of some larger problem?

The Questioners? December 1998
The gospel according to ??? Just something I wrote on the train one morning. It was prompted by the crap posted by all those T* folk who place so damn much importance on passing.

What Is Intergendered? October 1998
Like we need another label... Well, I thought we did. I describe myself as intergendered. Find out just what that means.

Guilt and the Transgendered Individual February 1998
An examination of the mechanism of guilt and how it effects us.

So, Crossdressers Are Gay, Right? February 1998
Why does everyone assume that crossdressres are gay? An explanation of one possible reason why.

The problem with suicide December 1997
Ever thing of checking out early? I did. Obviously I'm still here. Find out why.

Crossdressing and Society October 1997
My first article. It's been included in a 1998 IXE (Iota Chi Sigma - an Indianapolis gender support group) newsletter, the July 1988 Fiesta Newsletter of the PHI Tri-Ess Chapter (located in Albuquerque, NM), and the 1998 Fall Femme Mirror. The title pretty much says it: my initial thought on the why of crossdressing.

Things written by others:

Its Independance Day Dr. Tekla Katrina West, July 2006
Need a reason to stand up and take a stand for our rights? This says it better than anything else.

The Gender Rules By: Marla Louise
Are there rules for gender? Marla thinks so and is right on the mark with her's.

Either/Or...Both/And: By: Joan Schuman
Field Notes on Gender Ambiguity & Medical Technologies

Comming Out By: Jennifer Diane Reitz
Why would anyone choose to be Out about any kind of Queerness? Here is explored the deepest point of coming out of the closet.

Beliefs That Can Kill By: Jennifer Diane Reitz
Beliefs can destroy you and end your quest to become yourself. Indeed, beliefs are one of the major causes of death for transsexuals. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself from yourself.
A site dedicated to the butch-femme aspect of lesbianism. Butches and femmes are an often overlooked segment of the transgender community. There is a lot of good stuff here. Start with the F.A.Q.

Butch-Femme Network
Another butch-femme site with some interesting information. See: What Is A Stone Butch ?

The Little Girl Who Kissed Her Elbow By Conrad D. Bollinger
An unusual children's story from the early 1900s with a definite transgendered flavor to it.

Euphrosynian Existentialism By Yvain Euphrosyne
- Or how to laugh in the face of conformity while maintaining a safe distance from the ordinary world
Yvain makes some very good observations on conformity and individualism as it applies to the goth subculture. Those observation are equally valid for T* people. Really good stuff.

Morality as Anti-Nature By: Friedrich Nietzsche
If I could, I'd put all of Nietzsche's works on-line. This section, however, struck a chord in me. Perhaps it will with you?

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