As proposed in alt.config 10 December 1996.

By the very nature of the lifestyle, crossdressers are very interested in fashion, cosmetics, and the like.

Crossdressers have always historically had a presence on, although it is likely that many are lurkers rather than active participants. One reason there is low posting activity from this demographic is that much of consists of ongoing threads such as "what color are your nails today?" which, while entertaining to the regulars who keep these threads alive for unbelievably long periods, are likely to make it more difficult for the crossdresser who is reading the newsgroup in hopes of finding useful information on fashion. These ongoing threads also contribute to a very high level of posts -- typically in excess of 200 posts per day -- which the crossdressing culture must sift through to find the posts that they *might* be interested in.

Add to this the fact that crossdressers frequently seek out information on breast forms, gaffs, wigs, and other articles of clothing not part of the usual topics of discussion in and it becomes obvious that this culture can benefit from a more specialized newsgroup, placed logically below the existing newsgroup as a third-level specialized focus.

Although many might believe that discussions of this nature belong in the existing alt.transgendered newsgroup (and its "legitimate" sister newsgroup, the reality is that these two newsgroups tend to focus on the philosophies, motivations, politics, and other "weighty" issues surrounding both crossdressing and transsexualism; the introduction of threads on fashion and makeup tend to be quickly flamed as "trivial".

Charter for 5/14/99
Guidelines for posting to the newsgroup.

Crossdressing and Society October 1997
My first article. It's been included in a 1998 IXE (Iota Chi Sigma - an Indianapolis gender support group) newsletter, the July 1988 Fiesta Newsletter of the PHI Tri-Ess Chapter (located in Albuquerque, NM), and the 1998 Fall Femme Mirror. The title pretty much says it: my initial thought on the why of crossdressing.

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