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Submitted By:Donna
Title:Gender Shock: Exploding the Myths of Male & Female
Author:Phyllis Burke

From the Preface to Gender Shock:

From the moment of birth, a baby is handled in a way considered appropriate to the baby's sex. Appropriate colors are chosen, appropriate toys are selected, appropriate religious and social rituals are performed. Who among us has not hesitated when asking if a child is male or female, worried that the parent will become insulted if we guess wrong?

In our earliest gender training, we are taught that there is something we are able to do, but are forbidden, because of our sex. A boy is told that boys do not skip, but he knows that his body is capable of skipping. A girl is told not to physically fight because she is a girl, but she knows that her anger is as real as her fist.

Anything that threatens our gender identity, any excursion beyond the line of demarcation between the sexes, is vigorously resisted because it seems to threaten the foundation of our identity, and puts into play the question: What am I? Because we are trained to see the world divided into two groups, men and women, we have split reality down the middle.

The refusal to live the masquerade of half an identity is surfacing in a cultural revolution, while the incidences and experiences of gender shock are accelerating. Gender Shock offers a new path, beond the myths, and a window on the comming revolution in human identity, sparked by gender independence.

I strongly recomend this book. It's discussion of GID (gender identity disorder) and the barbaric attempts to fix these children is most enlightening. Many of the cases involving CDing will definitely strike a chord in many of us.

Submitted By:Donna
Title:Myths of Gender
Author:Anne Fausto-Sterling
Publisher:Basic Books

Examining the biological, evolutionary and psychological evidence, Anne Fausto-Sterling finds a shocking lack of substance behind the ideal about biologically based sex differences.

Submitted By:Donna
Title:Deceptive Differences: Sex, Gender and the Social Order
Author:Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
Publisher:Yale University Press


Submitted By:Donna
Title:Gender Development
Author:Susan Golombok & Robyn Fivush
Publisher:Cambridge University Press

Gender Development examines the processes involved in the development of gender from a truly developmental perspective. It traces gender development from conception to adulthood, emphasizing the complex interaction of biology, socialization and cognition. Topics covered include hormonal infouences, moral development, play and friendships, experiences as school and work, and psychopathology.

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