To talk about oneself a great deal can also be a means of concealing oneself. - Nietzsche


February 1999: It's been a little over a year since I decided to write all of this down. Since then, I have rethought many of the positions I held then. I've thought about rewriting this in light of these new ideas, but have opted to leave this as is. The observations made here are still valid as at point in my life, they are how I truly felt. New thoughts and ideas are expressed in the later diary entries and articles.

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Getting started is the hardest part of this, but this is something I need to do. I've wanted to be able to share who I am with others who could relate, even in part, to this whole CDing thing for a long time. So, without any further ado...

The (not so) Brief History Of Me

Chapter 1 Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Who am I)
Chapter 2 And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor (Some background information)
Chapter 3 In The Beginning (Age 4 to 14)
Chapter 4 What The Hell Is Going On With Me (Age 14 to 17)
Chapter 5 Stop The World, I Want To Get Off (The summer before college)
Chapter 6 Here We Go Again (Collage)
Chapter 7 Welcome to the Real World (After collage)
Chapter 8 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Playing dress up)
Chapter 9 Take a Walk On The Wild Side (Donna goes out in public)
Chapter 10 Straighten Up and Fly Right (April 1993 - November 1997
Chapter 11 Some More Background (Part of my reevaluation)
Chapter 12 My Moment of Enlightenment (December 1997)
My Diary The Continuing Saga Of Being Me (December 1997 and onward)

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