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Body sugaring is an alternative to waxing and can be done at home for a cost of next to nothing. I came across a reference to this on BeautyNet and emailed the author for some more information. What follow are her verbatum instructions for sugaring.

The author of this, Deb, has no connection to this site other than granting me permission to post her recipe and instructions. She has indicated that she will answer questions about sugaring and can be reached at

The following is offered without any guarantee. I can tell you that I have tried this on both myself and my wife it has worked quite well.

That said, On to the instructions...

This is what I do for body sugaring. Keep in mind this is based on my personal experience only. If you have any questions, just ask.

I use strips of cotton broadcloth type material for removing the hair. I find it works better for me than the heavier muslin type cloth. I buy the cheapest stuff I can find, usually the stuff in the bargain center; just make sure the cloth isn't too loosely woven. I cut it into strips with pinking shears. To wash, I just toss them in the washer and dryer. (Hand wash? Not likely!) When I use them again, I just flatten them with my hands and cut any loose strings off. When they get too worn, I'll just make more. A metre or two should make LOTS! - and I find that I go through a LOT of strips. It is important that your skin be clean and dry before you sugar. You must also exfoliate you skin with a loofah or whatever you like.

The trick to the sugaring paste is to get it so that it doesn't have to get extremely hot to become liquid. I think that the hotter it is allowed to get as it boils, the harder it sets when it cools and the hotter it has to be to turn liquid again. It also seems to make a difference how fast or hard it boils. I had one batch that I put on high and left for a while. It got to the same temperature, but it was harder when it cooled.

I have found it best to make several small batches instead of one large one. The more times you heat up the paste, the thicker it gets. It also seems to thicken as it ages, so I don't usually make my batches too far ahead of time.

My Recipe

1-7/8 cups of white sugar
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup lemon juice

Use a fairly large, heavy pan because the sugar will foam up as it boils. Mix the ingredients in the pan and put on medium heat. Boil gently until a candy thermometer reads 120 degrees C. The mixture will turn an amber color as it cooks. Take it off the heat, let it cool a bit and pour into a container. A wide shallow one works best - if you have a tall container the paste tends to get all over the stick.

When the paste is cooled in the jar, it should be quite thick, but it shouldn't be solid. If it flows like honey, it's too thin . If it doesn't flow at all, it's too thick and will probably be too hot to use by the time it's heated to the point where it can be spread. The right consistency is very thick, but 'moldable'. If it flows very slowly and sluggishly when you tilt the jar (like molasses), or if you can just poke your finger in it, and the dent stays in the paste after your finger is gone, then it's about right. Heated, it should be slightly thinner than liquid honey.

The recipe can be adjusted with a little experimentation if you like. If the paste is too thin, reduce the liquid or use more sugar; too thick, add more liquid or reduce the sugar. You can also experiment with how long you boil the mixture. I reduced the amount of sugar from 2 cups originally because the paste was too thick. I made about 5 batches before I got one that was pretty good. My first batch was boiled for *far* too long. It turned a dark amber and it cooled rock hard. I threw it out jar and all! I made one batch with only 1 3/4 cups of sugar and it was too thin.

To use the paste, either microwave it (careful-it heats up fast) or boil some water and let the jar sit in the hot water for about 5 min. Be sure to test the temperature *very* carefully before you put a lot on your skin. I usually test a bit on the palm of my hand where the skin is a little thicker and tougher. I usually keep a wet, cold washcloth handy just in case it's a little hot when it goes on. I use a craft stick- like a tongue depressor- or a popsicle stick to spread the paste. I find that the paste works best when it is very warm - it spreads thinner that way. Take a bit of paste on the stick and spread it on, as thin as you can, in the direction of the hair growth. Put a strip on the paste and press it on firmly. Pull the strip off against the direction of the hair growth. Be sure to hold your skin taut, and pull the strip directly back, not up. You can use the same strip a couple of times. To clean up, all you need is soap and water.

If you've never sugared or waxed your legs before, here's what to expect. I find that the 'established' or thicker hair needs to be a little longer (about 1/2 inch) than finer hair. The first time is the worst, although I find it's a lot like ripping off a bandaid. It gets easier the more times you do it, because the hair grows back finer. If you do leave it for a while, the hair will get established again, and it will be like starting over, although it's not quite as bad. If the hair is too long, like over an inch or so, it will be harder to get an even layer of paste and not pull the hair every which way. For some reason, I find that the sugaring is less painful than waxing. You will probably have some redness and bumps after sugaring, especially if your hair is established. This will fade within a few hours. If your hair is very fine, you probably won't get much redness. Some sugaring that you buy comes with a bottle of chamomile lotion to use after sugaring, so you could try a similar product if you want. I've heard it also helps to put your hand over the area just after you pull the strip off and apply some pressure for a moment.

I've only purchased 1 jar of sugaring. This recipe is not exactly the same, and it may not be as consistent, but it's SOOOO much cheaper! It can be a little messy, but cleanup is so easy. It really helps if you have a buddy to do the sugaring with - makes it easier to get those awkward spots like the backs of your legs!

Hope this is helpful.

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