Donna's Hideout opened it's doors in October of 1997 and was originally hosted at Geocities. The merger of Geocities with Yahoo in June of 1999 brought with it a whole bunch of crap regarding the Terms of Service there. As a result, I could not in good conscience remain at Geocities. So, after a bit of hunting, we moved to where we are now; free from banner ads, pop-ups and and all the rest of that nonsense that goes along with 'free' hosting services.

All pages here are lovingly crafted by hand using the CodeWright programmer's editor by Premia Corporation and Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software, Inc. No wysiwyg HTML editors are ever used.

All Server side scripting is done in Perl.

All Incidental graphics are, to the best of my knowledge, in the public domain and are used as such.

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Donna's Hideout is one of the Cydathrian realms, located at

Unless otherwise noted, all contents contained herein are the sole work of Donna Lynn Matthews. Individual copyright on any submitted content is retained in full by the contributor.

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