My Codes

Codes, codes, codes...

There are a number codes floating around on the internet which people use to sum-up who they are. While not a really good way to present oneself, they are kind of fun and always neat to include in a sig file.

The Whore Code

The WhoreCode v2.0, dedicated to those of us who have made sex, knowledge, and shocking people a way of life.

Here is my WhoreCode:

WhoreCode v2.0 WhCs6It3P LCoGX hBr-w-->+ b68/73>5 B3&EZ a35 sfgM! K8Zz k5! QAbcDEO v64s oT>GOa X56 w5! r4s E+ p*f7v3g5s8c D36! Ho+c2p1 usNY5
Sadly, the above link no longer seems to work but is left in the hopes that the site once again becomes available.

The Geek Code

The Code of the Geeks v3.12 is a way for all us geeky types to proclaim our geekiness to the world.

Here is my Geek Code (in proper PGP-ish format):

Version: 3.1
GCS/H/IT/P/SS d++(x) s:++ a C++ US$ P+++(-)$ L E W-(+++) N++ o-- K? w+(---)$ O !M !V PS+ PE Y+ PGP->+++ t+* 5++ X+ R* tv+ b++ DI++ D+ G e++ h---- r+++ z++++(**)
See my What's a Geek? page to learn more about the wonders of geekdom!

More Codes

There are, of course, more codes out there. To find out about some of the other ones, check out:

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