January - April 1999

January through March were nothing special, more of the same as far as life goes. Sorry, but at times my life just isn't all the exciting.

April, however has proven to be a more interesting month. First, both my daughters had milestone birthdays. My oldest is now five and my youngest is now one. Time really does seem to go by so fast.

Second, I came out to two people with whom I am friends. In neither case was it something I planned to do, but durring the course of casual discussion it just sort of came up. Their reactions, apart from a small amount of curiousity, pretty much amounted to "So what." No weird reactions, no aloof attitudes. We still get along as we have been all along, which is nice.

Finally, I called my parents up and told them that there is something about which I need to speak with them. Yes, I going to have the talk with them about how I feel and why I dress as I do and whatever else comes up. It should go pretty well I feel, as I know that they know that there is something going on with me. They have found stuff of mine in the past but never said anything about it. Hopefully, this little chat will help them understand just what the deal is with me.

In any event, it should prove to be interesting. Check the next diary entries to find out how it went.

And that, me droogs, brings January through April 1999 to a close...

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