May - August 1999


On May 1st I had the talk with my parents. It started off with a bunch of smalltalk, but I finally decided to 'get to the point'. Needless to say, it took a bit for me to actually get to the point, as I didn't quite know how to bring it up. I wound up just comming out and saying "I have issues with my gender." The reaction I got was a bit surprising. My parents comment at this point: "We've known that all along."

The rest of the conversation addressed most of what I have posted here: how I felt while growing up, my desire to kill myself, my confusion and the first time I figured it all out, my epiphany and my current acceptance and understanding of who I am. Whew! Not exactily a light conversation. Considering how long it has taken me to actually get to the point where I felt I could talk about this with them (about twenty years), it all went quite well. They asked about how my wife felt about all of this, what (if anything) I was planning on doing, etc... All the things I expected they would ask.

After about three hours, we were done. No shock, no horror, no anger... Just them accepting me for who I am. I was shooting for acknowledgement but got one better.

I'm not going to complain. :)

Other than that it's been a hot, busy summer with not too much else going on genderwise. I'm hoping that the GIP will have a session that I can attend this fall, as I wasn't able to make the summer session.

And that, me droogs, brings May through August 1999 to a close...

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