What's a Geek?

Hmmm... One of those hard to define thingies. It's kind of a state of mind. Most geeks just know they are geeks.

While geek status is usually associated with the technology industry (computer geeks being most well knows), being a geek knows no boundries as far as diciplines go. There are geeks of science, art, math, music, history, etc. Basically, if you are really into what you do, chances are you could be (or are) a geek.

It's OK, really. I'm a geek and have been one for a long time. I summerize my geekiness as follows:

Version: 3.1
GCS/H/IT/P/SS d++(x) s:++ a C++ US$ P+++(-)$ L E W-(+++) N++ o-- K? w+(---)$ O !M !V PS+ PE Y+ PGP->+++ t+* 5++ X+ R* tv+ b++ DI++ D+ G e++ h---- r+++ z++++(**)
An ungeeked listing of my code cam be found here.


A few links to get you started on yet another path of discovery; the discovery of the geek who lives within all of us:

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