Love brings to light the exalted and concealed qualities of a lover - what is rare and exceptional in him: to that extent it can easily deceive as to what is normal in him. - Nietzsche


Welcome to the Real World

Not even a year out of collage and I'm married. I can't beleave it! Actually, I can beleave it. After dating all through college, we decided that the only possible next steps were to break up or get married. We opted for the latter. I really love her and she seems to feel like wise.

I am pretty at ease with myself. My wife's acceptance of my CDing has helped alot, although as far as she is knows, my interests don't beyond women's underwear (which I have now worn through most of high school and all of college.) At this point, I don't even really have a desire to dress up more than that (guess how long that lasts!)

The first four or so years of married life run more or less textbook. Dating and living together are two very different ways of life. None the less, we seem to be doing pretty well. By this time, I have been consulting for a number of years and, as luck would have it, I get the opportunity to work at home for a while, about two years. No getting up before the crack of dawn, no three piece suits; this is great. I'll be able to get so much more accomplished not having to commute. Hmmm, all work and no fun makes Donna a dull girl, right? But too much fun gets her in trouble...

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