The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide an informative environment for cross-dressers, i.e., individuals who, for any number of reasons, dress in clothing normally associated with indiviudals of a gender other than their own.

This newsgroup is open to anyone provided that posted articles are on topic and of relevance to members of the crossdressing community.


Articles posted to this newsgroup should be about fashion, cross- dressing, or about the newsgroup itself. Posts pointing to binaries in other newsgroups or on personal websites are permitted.

Individuals new to the group are encouraged to post a short introduction about themselves and their situation.

While commercial advertising is prohibited, Biweekly posting of 'items wanted' and 'items for sale' advertisements by individuals is permitted.

The posting of monthly pointers to websites of interest to the gender community in general is also permitted.


This newsgroup is not a support group for personal issues. Crossdressing related support issues are on-topic for the newsgroup and should be posted there.

Articles posted to this newsgroup must not contain personal attacks, sexual come-ons, ISOs (personals), works of fiction, commercial advertisements, trolls, flames or any other 'spam' in general.

Especially frowned upon is the open condemnation of crossdressing or *any* other transgendered lifestyle.

The posting of 'binaries' (pix, programs, sound files - generally anything encoded for posting purposes) is prohibited. Binaries should be posted to a newsgroup within the 'alt.binaries' heirarchy.

Posts which are in violation of this charter should be ignored and not be replied to publicly.

Articles violating this charter shall be considered to be Usenet abuse and treated as such.

End Charter

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