Even the bravest of us rarely has the courage for what he really knows... - Nietzsche


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Before plunging head first into a retrospective of the last thirty plus years of my life, I feel a brief summary is in order (especially for those lacking the intestinal fortitude to read all this.)

There was a strong female influence during my growing up. Almost all my childhood friends were girls (five who lived on my block and I played with all the time, as well as two others who had a big impact on me.) The majority of childhood socialization situations to which I was exposed were predominantly female-centric. With none of the stereotypical rough and tumble play associated with boys as a model, by the time I became a teenager, the die had been cast.

My high school experience proved no different. Most of my friends were girls. Ditto college (with the exception of my fraternity brothers.) Friends I've made a work also tended to be women. At one project I was on, there were six of us who would have lunch together: five other women and myself.

My wife knew of my CDing prior to our marriage and she is tolerant of it to a point; although it has been a point of distress on several occasions. As a result, Donna doesn't get to express herself as fully as she needs to.

Wait... Hold on... I see a pattern emerging... Is it any wonder that there is a Donna and she has a need to be heard?

So there's the setup. I have said in the past that my CDing is more a state of mind and that I consider Donna to be an integral part of me. Clothes or not, she and I are one in the same. CDing is just part of what makes me feel complete. I ammend this now by stating that my CDing is a manifestation of my sense of self, and that I am one integrated person. There is no Donna which exists as a persona in and of herself. I like being called Donna as it is the name I chose for myself, and in this society where we are gendered as man or woman, I feel closer to what society considers a woman than a man.

In reality, I feel like neither. But if forced to choose, I'll choose woman.

I would encourage you to read on as I hope to better trace the less than strait path that has taken me to where I am today.


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