Steve: Dude, there's something on your stoop.
Me: What is it?
Steve: Looks like some kind of small, dead animal.
Me: Oh, that's just . . .

Fuzzy's Dead Mouse

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The Studio (such as it is) Updated 02/13/2006
My studio - so to speak. Hoping to build it some permanent digs soon.
Synth Goodies Updated 2/6/2004
Patches, sequences, samples and what not... Your's for the taking.
Music Updated 2/7/2004
Music - or something like it. Stuff I've recorded (not much here right now...)
Techie Stuff Updated 2/19/2005
Tips, tricks, hints, whatever...

You're never too young to start

Victoria on the Nord Lead 3
Victoria noodling away on the Nord the day it arrived.

Waldorf Pulse and Pulse Plus Owners

EPROMs with the latest OS are available here!

Upgraded Waldorf Pulse
OS 2.01 EPROMs are available for $25 USD, payable via Paypal. Price includes the EPROM, installation instruction and worldwide shipping.
Please email me for more information if you are interested - or order online below:

Order an upgrade for the Pulse
Order an upgrade for the Pulse Plus

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