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The Studio
(Yes, it's in the basement.)


The FDM Studio:
Close up pix

Once I get the basement finished, it will have a better home. For right now, however, it's the only place I have to set up. All in all it's not too bad - except in the winter. It gets down to about 50 degrees - a bit cold for prolonged playing.


Here's a rundown of my current setup:

Old equipment (used to have - don't no more):
    Drum Machines / Sequencers
    • Boss DR-5
    • Boss DR-220
    • Roland R8 MkII
    • Roland MC500 MkII
    Keyboards / Synths
    • Roland SH-09
    • Roland GR1 Guitar Synth
    Synth Modules
    • Casio VZ10m
    • Novation Super Bass Sataion
    • Roland U220
    Signal Processing
    • Boss RPS-10 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay
    • Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb
    • Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler / Delay
    • Sherman Filterbank 2
    Recording / Mixing / Monitoring
    • Roland VS-880EX Digital HD Recorder
    • Roland VS-890 Digital HD Recorder
    Misc Equipment
    • Electro-Harmonix LPB-1
    • Electro-Harmonix Rolling Thunder
    • Electro-Harmonix Space Drum
    • PAiA Gnome
    • Schecter S-1 Plus
    • Delay
      • Big Jam Analog Delay
      • Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay
    • Modulation
      • Ibanez PH9 Phaser
      • MXR Phase 45
    • Other
      • Demeter Tremulator
      • Ibanez GE9 Graphic EQ
      • Ibanez EF9 Envelope Filter

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