Subject: A little off topic
From: (Lilith Papillon)
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 22:06:40 GMT

For no particular reason I started thinking of about two movies that deal with gender changing this morning. One is one that you may have seen on cable within the last year, "Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hyde." The other is one of a similar basis but a bit more obscure, "Dr. Jeckel and Sister Hyde."

Of course my interest is predicated on the concept that many of us may have had, the magic potion that sees our dreams come true. But one thing common in both movies, other than the fact that they were both based on the same book, is that the resulting female persona was distinct from the male from which it sprang and wanted an existence of her own.

So, as a spark to a new thread I put the following to you. Assuming that it didn't result in an evil incarnation, if given the potion to turn you into a woman permanently, would you take it if it meant that you wouldn't be you any more?

My response would be "yes." Given the chance to produce a mind/body combination that was more in harmony I'd do it in a NY minute, even if it meant giving up what made me me. At least I'd be reducing the population by one semi-miserable life and replacing it someone more at peace with themselves.

Lil (who is feeling philisophical, if not practical)
Lilith Papillon


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