From: "Kate Bornstein"
To: Donna Matthews
Cc: Bill Germano
Subject: Re: Gender Aptitude Test on the Web
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 17:15:07 -0400


Hiya. Donna. Of *course* you can keep that thing up on yer site. And thank you so much for taking all the time and effort (gawdess, it's so big!) to ackshully do it. I like the edits you made that make it work without the rest of the book. When I finally get my website up and running, I'll definitely put a link to that page.

I'm wondering... do you think it's possible to put this quiz thing into a Palm readable stand-alone program that would grade itself the way you did online? I'd love to upload it and give it away to Palm users. ::wide grin::

I've bookmarked yer site and plan to explore it at my leisure (whenever *that* might be), but what I saw of it is way good. Thanks for your courage and smarts.

I'm cc'ing this email to my editor at Routledge, just so's he knows it's up there and running. I'm pretty sure there's not going to be any legal hassles with it, but if there are we'll let you know. OH... thanks also for the links to Routledge!




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