Subject: Re: What going on with me???
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 22:12:06 -0600

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Contributing to this is the fact that I haven't really dressed in three years eight months, give or take a few days. Somehow, I don't thing putting on a dress and heals and running around for a while is going to help.


The well adjusted me has blown a control rod, and I fear a meltdown is just a matter of time. I hope that those I care most about can avoid the fallout...


Straighten up, Donna. The person who wrote that is NOT the same person who created Donna's Hideout and who has contributed so much that I found to be informative or funny and perceptive. Uh, uh.. Ain't the same person.

Your bio says you work at home and are alone for ten hours a day. I guess the three yrs+ without really getting dressed is due to your daughter? Presumably, your wife no longer works?

Not to be flip, but I had no opportunity to really get dressed until a few years ago. Our youngest is 24, still living at home (but not much longer), and has FINALLY started hanging out with a bunch that doesn't consider my castle their rightfully entitled restaurant, hotel, garage, etc. The freedom is fantastic and it coincided with my discovery of this NG. It was a match made in heaven. For what it's worth, I have gone through periods similar to yours. Now that I know better, I recognize that they were little more than 'our' typical binge/purge cycles. Point is, kiddo, there's a LOT of light at the end of the tunnel. I've got a few years on you and, while I sense that my own CD needs may not be as intense as yours now, I can remember periods when they seemed to be overwhelming. If your youthful 'juices' have been bottled up for three years, you are in need for a release. My patent answer of late is to read 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'. You MAY gain insight into how to explain things to your wife. It's helping me.

I stand in awe of your hideout. You're obviously a talented person with a great deal of insight (despite your tender years) and I'm looking forward to page 11 and beyond from you.


Just your average crossdresser finally coming to terms with themself.