The intent of this newsgroup is to provide a supportive, informative and friendly environment for intergendered individuals.

Intergendered individuals do not gender themselves as 'men' or 'women', but somewhere inbetween, as a mix of both masculine and feminine qualities. Others gender themselves as neither 'men' nor 'women' (agendered or non-gendered), thus placing themselves 'outside' of the gender 'spectrum' completely.

Given this, intergendered individuals tend to present (to varing degrees) in a non-descript or ambiguous manner by means of androgyny, partial crossderssing, genderbending, and part-time cross-gender living, to name a few.

Intergendered should not be confused with intersexed, as the two are quite different. It is not the intent of this to be an intersexed support forum.

This newsgroup is open to anyone (intersexed individuals included), provided that posted articles are on topic and of relevance to intergendered individuals.


Articles posted to this newsgroup should be of relevance to intergendered individuals or about the newsgroup itself. Posts about genderbending, part-time cross-gender living and the implications thereof are examples of posts considered to be on-topic.

New individuals to the group are encouraged to post a short introduction about themselves and their situation.

Announcements concerning transcommunity activism, support group meetings, important events and transcribed news articles of interest to intergendered individuals are allowed and encouraged.

Biweekly posting of personal advertisements, not othwewise excluded herein are allowed.

Posting Monthly pointers to websites of interest to gender community in general are also allowed.


As stated above, this is not an intersexed support forum. Given that, posts dealing with intersexed issues are deemed as off-topic.

Personal attacks, sexual come-ons, ISOs, works of fiction, commercial advertisements, trolls, flames and general 'spam' are strictly prohibited.

Especially frowned upon is the open condemnation of *any* transgendered lifestyle. If you are here to preach about how awful we are, feel free to let yourself out and not come back.

The posting of 'Binaries' (pix, programs, sound files - generally anything encoded for posting purposes) is prohibited. There are plenty of alt.binaries groups for such posts.

Articles posted in response to articles of questionable topicality are also deemed to be off-topic. Off topic articles should be ignored.

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