Subject: Re: Will the real me please stand up
From: "April Flowers"
Date: 7 Dec 1997 20:25:09 GMT

E Stein wrote in article

I hope some others will have had the following feelings and will post their stories/opinions.

I have come the the conclusion that I don't really know who I am. I look in the mirror and recognize the face but don't feel that it is the real me looking back. When I am dressed in women's clothes feel the same way. The person in the mirror isn't the real me. I am living in a facade no matter what I wear. What I see is not the real me.

Personally I think you have the mis-conception that your appearance, is to be, the REAL YOU. If you look into the mirror, at yourself, to see who you really are, look deep into your own eyes and you may find that the TRUE YOU comes only from the HEART, and how you feel about yourself, your family, your goals, and achivements.

I feel that I am different from the other men with whom I have contact.

This is true, as it was for all of us, at one time, but we are here at this NG for support to each other, so now, you are no different...

I am comfortable with women but do not feel that I am one of them. I am very confused.

Ahhhh yes....But can you relate to them?


Thanks, Erica