Programming in Brainfuck


Brainfuck is a simple enough language for which to write an interpreter (which can be a fun exercise in and of itself ). Nonetheless, there are several interpreters and the like out there.

bf2pl is my offering in this arena. Written in PERL, it converts Brainfuck code into PERL code. It is platform independent and has some options/enhancements over other offerings. By default, values for a[p] are not limited to one byte, the maximim size of the array is limited only by memory and multiple increments/decrements are collapsed into one statement. There is also a 'classic' option which limits the array to 30000 bytes and allows only byte values to be used.

Cat's Eye Technologies are now the source for the original Brainfuck distribution and offer C source code for an interpretrer as well as some other Brainfuck resources. Also, they cover a host of other Esoteric Topics in programming. Go check them out.

Other resources are:

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